Quality of Life or QOL, is the overall wellbeing of individuals or societies looking at both the highs and lows of everyday life. It covers a range of factors:

Physical health
Overall fitness, diet, stress and anxiety levels, fatigue, illnesses and disease.

Family situation
Secure family relationships, loneliness, time spent with family and loved ones.

Good schooling, vocational qualifications, degrees and PhD’s.

Employment situation
Satisfying work environment, commutes, job satisfaction, office politics, redundancies, replacement by automation.

Overall wealth and finance
Positive equity, pensions, mortgages, debts.

Environmental factors
Living location, pollution, access to fresh air and countryside, local crime rates.

It is often confused with the term ‘Standard of Living’ but this term is linked to income and all that it brings.

All factors within Quality of Life are inextricably linked. For example, a persons education can have a big effect on a person’s employment situation. Which in turn, can affect overall wealth and finance, physical health and family situations.

For example, if someone has a job that means they have to commute over an hour to and from a low paying job every day, they can inevitably be tired, stressed, unable to spend quality time with their family and be under financial pressure to live.

How can you improve your quality of life?

Many people believe that once you have left school or university, it’s then too late to return to education. Financial pressures make it impossible to give up work to return to study. And for a long time, this was often the case. However in the new digital age, online training programmes allow people to re-educate themselves around their current working life. Allowing them to choose a different employment situation, or even to give up employment altogether.

The opportunities are endless across the internet. But because the majority of society have been institutionalised to believe that traditional lifestyles are the only viable option. Most people are unwilling to take steps towards building a new life in the digital age.

Self-doubt is common. Typical examples include a lack of technical knowledge, lack of time, or just a plain lack of belief in their own abilities.

The ironic thing is, many of the reasons that often get cited, are, in actual fact, the most obvious reasons to make a change in the first place. For example, a continual lack of time can be solved by creating an online business which can generate an automated income, freeing the business owner to enjoy more time freedom.

So what are the options?

As of March 2018, there are over 3.7 billion internet users. With such a vast marketplace, the options to generate an income are limitless. Among the most common is ecommerce. Selling products on the internet.

There are a few options for this, including importing, selling and shipping products, usually through websites such as eBay and Amazon. But this can be quite an undertaking, involving the purchase and storage of products, labelling, boxing and shipping.

Drop shipping can take some of the stages out of this process, but still require product research, purchasing and promotion.

A much easier way to get started is Affiliate Marketing. A good starting point for beginners, it involves selling other people’s products online for a commission. Unlike typical ecommerce, there are no products to buy or ship, no distribution, packaging or customer service issues. All of that is handled by the product owner. Affiliate marketers simply drive traffic to a website (usually through social media channels) from which potential customers buy the products.

How do I get started?

As mentioned earlier, repositioning an employment situation typically begins with re-education. Becoming a successful affiliate marketer is achievable for the vast majority of people, but only with the right guidance and education.

Gin and myself began our journey with affiliate marketing by gaining an education with an online training organisation called the Digital Experts Academy. They teach people from all over the world, all walks of life, all backgrounds and all levels of experience how to leverage the power of the new digital economy. How to create a life and online business you love from scratch.

To get you started, we would like to share with you five resources that were shared with us that got us started on this journey.

The first resource is a free 7 day video series created by our teachers and mentors, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. It explains how the digital economy works, how you can earn an income as an affiliate, regardless of experience or technical knowledge.

The second resource is a pdf that we wrote that explains how you can get from where you are now, to where you want to be in 12 months time. With the time and financial freedom you want.

Resources 3, 4 and 5? We’ll keep those a surprise for now. But trust us, they’re well worth the wait.

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