Have you ever thought about the impact that your job makes on your health, relationships and overall happiness in life?

Most of the people spend at least 8 hours per day working. Some of us spend 12 or even more. It’s great if you have a fulfilling job which you are passionate about every day. However, the reality is that about 55% of all employees feel unhappy with their jobs and another 45% are looking to change their careers within the next 2 years.

Could you be one of them? Here are the 6 signs that indicate it’s time for you to leave your job and improve your quality of life too:

  1. You live for the weekend.

For you, the weekdays have no meaning. You dread Monday’s and can’t wait for Fridays. Wednesday still feels like the weekend is forever away. If you’re feeling like this, then you’re clearly not fulfilled in your work and deep down, you’re not enjoying your job. You’re trading your valuable time for money because you have to. Not because you want to do what you’re doing.

  1. You don’t bring your job up in conversation.

When people are chatting with you, your job is never forefront in your mind. It’s never relevant to anything you’re talking about. When people ask you what you do for a living, you don’t get that fuzzy excited feeling inside, knowing that person is going to be blown away by what you do. Instead, you sheepishly tell them, saying something about it being ‘pretty boring’ and ‘I just do…’.

  1. You’ve been there a long time.

It probably started as a short-term idea. This was just going to be a stepping stone on the way to greatness. But somehow it ended up being a long-term gig. If your job is fairly repetitive (as most jobs are) then going through those same motions, day after day, year after year can really grind you down. Often without you noticing.

  1. You can’t stand the office politics.

At some small level, the office politics raise your stress levels. You’re constantly having to be careful what you say and who you say it to. You think you know where you stand with someone, only to find out it’s not as clear as you first thought. It’s a toxic environment that you’ve probably got used to. You’ve probably grown a thick skin. But why should you?

  1. Your skills exceed your job title.

Your ability to learn will usually exceed your speed of progress in your career. Usually by quite some margin. Right now, you’re probably qualified to do a much better paid, more interesting job. But the risks associated with moving jobs, the benefits you’ll lose, the pension etc. etc. holds you in place. It’s hard to take that step up.

  1. You don’t get paid enough.

…for two reasons. One, you’re worth more. Your skills and abilities exceed your current pay grade. And that fact eats away at you every single day. Two, you don’t have enough to pay for everything you want to pay for, to save up for the future, and to live the lifestyle you want. You’re constantly dreaming of what you would do, how different your life would be if you had more.

Every journey starts with the first step…

I can’t tell you where your journey will take you. We both don’t yet know what’s possible for you. But one thing we can be certain of, is that if you never take the first step towards it, then it will definitely never happen.